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Mitsubishi Electric Europe - EMEA

Unlock the performance of machines with new advanced drive solution

Ratingen, Germany 23rd February 2021. Mitsubishi Electric’s new MELSERVO MR-J5 series of TSN-compatible servo drives meet today’s exacting requirements for precision, dynamics and multi-axis synchronisation in food and beverage, life sciences and printing/converting production applications. They also integrate a full suite of safety functions as standard, and embed predictive maintenance functions, giving users the tools they need to increase machine productivity and availability.


NSK shows its competency in ultra-fine positioning

As an expert in motion control, NSK frequently supplies customers with manipulators and positioners that meet micrometre and even nanometre accuracy requirements. Such solutions perform fine positioning operations under a microscope field of view, demanding the application of skilled engineering and know-how. A case in point is NSK’s nanopositioner, which exemplifies the company’s expertise in integrated mechatronics and precision positioning drive technology. This knowledge is the result of many decades spent pioneering the development of related technologies such as bearings, linear-motion products and image-processing solutions.

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection

Portable Gas Detectors and staff protection during COVID-19

There are many ways that portable gas detectors for personal use can deliver individual protection for key staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kevin O’Donnell, EMEA Business Development Manager at Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection, uses his expertise to answer a number of pertinent questions.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Decentral automation of hygienic processes up to field level. Control head with IO-Link for intelligent communication

Thanks to the new IO-Link communication interface, the universal valve control head Type 8681 from Bürkert Fluid Control Systems ensures cost-effective data transfer for Industry 4.0 applications in the processing sector. Operating data and diagnostic data are now always available at control level and enable simple start-up, online parameterisation and preventive maintenance.

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection

Gas Detection Technology Boosts Fight Against COVID-19

Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection is taking the global fight against COVID-19 to new levels, using its class-leading gas detection and monitoring technologies to not only support vaccination programmes, but prevent the potential for virus propagation.

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