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The new peripheral line draw solution delivers first and only compatibility with integrated catheters, bringing an elevated standard of care to more U.S. hospitals.


BD launched new needle-free blood draw technology compatible with integrated catheters, helping to further enable the company's vision of a "One-Stick Hospital Stay."

With 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the new PIVO™ Pro Needle-free Blood Collection Device features design improvements to achieve the first and only compatibility with integrated and long peripheral IV catheters, including the new Nexiva™ Closed IV Catheter System with NearPort™ IV Access. This expands on current PIVO™ compatibility with traditional short peripheral IV catheters available since 2017.

The new solution combines the clinical benefits shown for the integrated closed Nexiva™ Catheter System, including longer dwell times* and reduced catheter complications, with the ability to draw high-quality blood samples directly from a patient's peripheral IV line with PIVO™ Pro, reducing the need for additional needlesticks. With needle phobia experienced by more than 60 percent of the adult population, this solution helps improve the patient experience by alleviating fear and anxiety associated with repetitive needlesticks.

Peripheral IV insertion and blood collection are two of the most common in-patient procedures in hospitals touching almost every patient daily. These invasive procedures are associated with a variety of complications such as poor first-stick insertion success, frequent catheter failures and poor sample quality that can extend hospital stays, increase cost and create a dissatisfying experience.

PIVO™ Pro combined with Nexiva™ with NearPort™ IV Access is designed to access optimal blood draw conditions and help improve clinician efficiency and patient experience. The innovative line draw solution has been shown to help optimize IV performance, reduce sample errors that can result in redraws and delays in patient care while reducing complications that lead to unnecessary procedures and IV replacements. By removing the needle from blood draws and reducing IV replacements, it may reduce the risk of needlestick injury and blood exposure for clinicians while preserving a patient's vessel health.

The latest innovation in the BD Peripheral Line Draw Solution further drives the BD "One-Stick Hospital Stay" vision across each of its three pillars ― including (1) helping to reduce unnecessary needlesticks by choosing the right vascular access device and placing it successfully the first time; (2) using one IV line as a single access point for required therapies and blood draws; and (3) optimal maintenance of the IV line to help reduce the risk of complications so it does not have to be replaced and lasts throughout a patient's hospital stay.

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