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eschbach Announces New Shiftconnector® Tier Collaboration Dashboard to Enhance Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Specifically Designed to Improve Communication and Process Efficiency Among Pharma Operational Teams.

eschbach Announces New Shiftconnector® Tier Collaboration Dashboard to Enhance Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Eschbach, has announces that its Shiftconnector enterprise software now has developed a new collaboration dashboard specifically designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Announced at the AVEVA World Summit in San Francisco, the new interactive dashboard plugs communications gaps that often occurs between shifts and the protective multilayers in pharma manufacturing that are vulnerable to errors and deviations.

“Because of the high stakes faced by the pharma industry, poor communication is something that manufacturers can’t afford to ignore,” said Andreas Eschbach, founder and CEO of eschbach. “Improving communication across shifts, teams, and areas of responsibility will help manufacturers avoid quality issues and nonconformities, costly recalls, regulatory penalties, and safety incidents. With Industry 5.0, data, technology and humans are connected. We worked closely with our pharmaceutical customers to develop the Tier collaboration board in Shiftconnector to increase transparency across all levels of the enterprise while also enhancing communication among teams, making it quicker to see critical KPIs and information to respond faster.”

Often in complex systems like pharma manufacturing processes, each layer or tier is a barrier that is expected to offer protection from errors or deviations – from raw material handling to final product packaging. However, holes in these layers can present vulnerabilities and this is where communication passed among the people in each layer or tier is crucial in helping to ensure the operational clarity that will mitigate risks, add to process efficiencies, support compliance, and ultimately strengthen an organization’s competitive edge.

With the Shiftconnector digital enterprise platform, people and machines can work together to improve operation efficiency, quickly solve emerging problems, and accelerate the pace of process improvement. With the power to capture full organizational knowledge among the workforce across multiple systems and sites, Shiftconnector improves communication, information sharing, and collaboration across the organization. For process manufacturers like pharma, that translates to measurable gains in productivity and performance as well as enhanced safety and compliance.

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