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With the addition of the Alinity® h-series, Abbott now has one of the broadest diagnostic offerings for laboratories.


Abbott has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance for its advanced Alinity® h-series haematology system, paving the way for laboratories throughout the country to run complete blood counts (CBC) as a part of Abbott’s Alinity family of diagnostic products.

Complete blood counts are one of the most ordered tests in the healthcare system and are common in routine checkups because they can help screen for a variety of disorders including infections, anaemia, diseases of the immune system, and blood cancers.

The Alinity h-series includes Alinity hq, an automated haematology analyzer, and Alinity hs, an integrated slide maker and stainer. A key differentiator for Alinity hq is that it leverages the advanced MAPSSTM technology, which uses light scattering to distinguish cellular features and better identify various blood cells.

With the Alinity h-series, Abbott now offers one of the broadest laboratory diagnostic systems, providing a wide array of tests doctors can use to quickly and effectively care for their patients. Laboratories and hospitals across the U.S. will be able to seamlessly integrate the Alinity h-series haematology system into their existing core lab operations, allowing lab staff to easily adopt it with minimal effort and training. This is especially important in labs where time, resources and staff are stretched thin.

The Alinity family of systems in the U.S. now includes the Alinity h-series (haematology), Alinity ci (clinical chemistry and immunoassay), Alinity m, (molecular), Alinity s (transfusion) and the point-of-care i-STAT Alinity.

The Alinity h-series system offers several advantages for laboratories:
  • Processes up to 119 CBC results per hour, among the fastest on the market
  • Requires less floor space, which is critical for labs to maximize resources and operations
  • Loads samples from the front and from a laboratory automation system
  • Ensures urgent samples receive priority without compromising capacity or workflow
  • Offers hands-off maintenance so labs can schedule automated daily and weekly cleanings
  • Integrates the slide maker with the analyzer to reduce manual intervention
  • Provides customizable reports and rules for systems
  • Centralizes results and control functions at a single point
About Alinity
Abbott's Alinity family of harmonized solutions is unprecedented in the diagnostics industry, working together to address the challenges of using multiple diagnostic platforms and simplifying diagnostic testing. Alinity systems are designed to be more efficient – running more tests in less space, generating test results faster and minimizing human errors – while continuing to provide quality results. The availability of the Alinity systems and tests varies by geography.

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